Distributed Password Recovery

From now on, using distributed computing for password recovery is a snap. Simply install the agent module on all available local or remote PCs. The program utilizes CPU idle time, which is otherwise wasted. The more computers you connect, the faster

Abacast Distributed Live  v.

Abacast Distributed Live is a browser plug-in that allows you to play Abacast-enabled streams.


Distributed SIPFlow  v.2.0.1

Distributed SIPFlow captures and displays SIP and Diameter messages in an intuitive graphical interface (see example below).

Distributed Storage  v.3.10.3

Distributed Storage is free program running under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista for files and directories synchronization and backup. It allows to synchronize data files that are located on remote computer or in local folder in the same way.

Distributed Spreadsheet  v.2.0

Distributed Spreadsheet provides the means for automating the entire process of sending out individual worksheets from any Excel workbook to others to complete, securing their return upon completion and merging the results.

A-renet distributed gaming net for UNIX  v.1.1.0rc4

a-renet is a distributed chat and multiplayer games network for UNIX.

Blindeyes Distributed Command Framework  v.rc

BlindEyes is an open-source distributed framework designed to allow the distribution and chaining together of code in many popular languages.

Distributed Storage Leasing  v.1.0

DSL is a distributed storage leasing service based on JXTA project (http://www.

Distributed 3D-Secure MPI  v.1

A distributed Java implementation of the VISA 3-D Secure(tm) Merchant Server Plug-in (MPI) that allows e-commerce web site to perform payment authentication operations for Internet purchases.

Distributed Computing for Shells  v.0.2.1

Dcos is a distributed computing package for shells.

Distributed FTP Daemon  v.1.0

A distributed FTP daemon written in java.

Distributed Information System (NZDIS)  v.1.0

New Zealand Distributed Information Systems (NZDIS)Distributed, heterogenous, agent-based framework for intelligent/semantic information and services integration.

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